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Smart Sheet Metalwork supplies metal components and fabrications to companies in transportation industries.

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Supplier

With the full range of Sheet Metalworks’ equipments toghether with the flexibility and the strict quality standards, we can provide diversity of the metal products and components manufactured for various transport industries. These products may vary from metal components for lighting systems, traffic barriers, road safety guardrail, highway guardrail, etc.

Road Safety Equipments

Smart has been successfully audited by leading companies in this sector and our performance always goes over customers’ expectation.

Smart - The leading precision sheet metal fabrication company


Smart Vietnam has extensive experience in processing sheet metal products for the telecommunications industry. With state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, a team of highly skilled engineers, and a commitment to quality, Smart Vietnam is well-equipped to meet the demanding technical and quality ...


Smart Vietnam is committed to meeting the strict quality requirements of the defense engineering sector in supplying precision sheet metal fabrications. We provide reputable contractors with metal fabrications and sub-assemblies for various military vehicles, military components, and military systems. Our company ...