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Smart Vietnam specializes in manufacturing standard electrical enclosures

Sheet metal processing division of Smart specializes in machining, manufacturing, and distributing good quality electrical cabinets, ensuring safety, efficiency when using, high durability, and reasonable price. With different types of cabinets, different specifications but Smart Vietnam always ensures customers with aesthetic standards, better support to the construction landscape.

Electrical cabinets are used in low voltage networks, installed in electrical engineering rooms of buildings such as factories, industrial workshops, commercial centers, apartments, hospitals, schools, airports…etc.

Precision sheet metal processing partner

Smart is always confident that it can bring to partners and customers. Metal parts from simple frames and bars, panels to fully assembled and painted products, including electrical cabinets. Electrical cabinets are one of the products that Smart is processed and perfected in an excellent manner that will help customers always have the most trust and satisfaction.

The complex structure and create high aesthetics for cabinets

The structure of our cabinets always meets all customer requirements: ventilation, optimal paths, cross-sections, accurate dimensions. With the laser cutting system, the most modern bending machine today will help the electrical cabinets, with the most complex structures are machined aesthetically as well as minimize welds on the product. The processing is thus carried out quickly, at low cost, with higher quality and products.

Smart - your precision sheet metal processing partner


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