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Smart Vietnam offers a CNC bending service, utilizing advanced technology from Trumpf in the form of modern CNC bending machines. These machines bring the ability to produce tight radius bends on sheet metal with no wrinkles or deformation. The company can produce various customized shapes along a straight axis in ductile materials, providing a high degree of flexibility and customization.

The CNC Bending machines with a force range from 85 to 100 tonnes are capable of bending up to 3-meter lengths in mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. This makes the service ideal for folding precision sheet metal components with high accuracy and quality.

The use of advanced CNC bending technology and experienced professionals at Smart Vietnam ensures that the bending process is completed efficiently and effectively, reducing downtime and increasing production speed. The high degree of precision and quality provided by the bending process makes it suitable for a variety of applications.

Smart Vietnam's CNC bending service provides a solution for precision sheet metal bending. With modern technology and experienced professionals, the company can deliver high-quality products with speed and efficiency.