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Unlocking the Potential of Smart Vietnam's Cutting-Edge Machinery

Smart Vietnam, a leading sheet metal fabrication company, has embraced advanced technologies and state-of-the-art machinery, for instance, Trumpf, a renowned German manufacturer that specializes in modern CNC laser cutting, CNC punching, CNC bending machines. By incorporating these cutting-edge pieces of equipment into our manufacturing process, Smart Vietnam has been able to achieve outstanding performances that bring precision, efficiency, and quality to the fabrication of sheet metal. This enables Smart Vietnam to diversify their product offerings and supply a wide range of industries with high-quality, precision-manufactured components.

CNC Laser Cutting

Smart Vietnam achieves exceptional precision and efficiency in their manufacturing process with The Trumpf TruLaser 3030 Fiber (L49) laser cutting machine, capable of cutting various sheet metal materials up to a maximum thickness of 20 mm for O2 structural steel, 15 mm for N2 stainless steel and N2 aluminum, 6 mm for copper and brass, and 4 mm for titanium. The machine has a work area of 3000 x 1500 mm and outstanding accuracy, with a maximum spread of Ps max position of +/-0.03 mm and a difference in Pa position of +/-0.05 mm. The laser cutting machine is controlled by Trumpf CNC based on the SINUMERIK 840D sl and requires a network of 400V/50Hz. The TruLaser 3030 fiber uses fiber laser technology to cut through various materials with exceptional speed and accuracy, allowing Smart Vietnam to create intricate shapes and designs with ease. 

Smart Vietnam has recently upgraded its manufacturing capabilities with the addition of the TruLaser 1030 Fiber (L99). The TruLaser 1030 Fiber (L99) improves productivity and allows for the production of high-quality products.

Machine Type

TruLaser 3030 Fiber (L49)

TruLaser 1030 Fiber (L99)

Maximum Laser Power



Maximum Sheet Size

3048 x 1524 x 70 mm

3048 x 1524 x 70 mm

Material Cutting Limits

Mild Steel: Up to 20 mm

Mild Steel: Up to 20 mm

Stainless Steel: Up to 15 mm

Stainless Steel: Up to 15 mm

Aluminium: Up to 15 mm

Aluminium: Up to 15 mm


Trulaser 3030 Fiber (L49)

TruLaser 1030 Fiber (L99)

High-speed Tiny Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Smart Vietnam has recently acquired the High-speed Tiny Tube Laser Cutting Machine (R1 Series) to upgrade our production capabilities. This advanced machine offers a power of 3000W, ensuring versatility in cutting various materials. With its highly sensitive servo follow-up support system, the R1 Series achieves exceptional cutting precision. The machine's efficient multi-mode loading feature, facilitated by automatic material racks, allows for quick material loading in just 20 seconds. The chuck jumping technology reduces tailing length, resulting in clean and accurate cuts. The R1 Series also incorporates an intelligent bus operating system, offering various auxiliary functions and professional nesting software for efficient production management. Smart Vietnam is excited to leverage the capabilities of this machine to enhance productivity and deliver high-quality products to our clients.

Machine Type

High-speed Tiny Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Power


Cutting Dimension for Square Tube

8*8-120*120 mm

Cutting Dimension for Rectangular Tube

8x120 mm

Cutting Dimension for Round Tube


Special Profiles of Tubes

Applied in U-shaped, L-shaped, I-beam, rectangular, oval and other irregular profile and tube types cutting 

Material Cutting Limits

carbon steel: 6-12mm, stainless steel: 4-8mm, aluminium: 3-6mm

Máy cắt ống nhỏ tốc độ cao

High-speed Tiny Tube Laser Cutting Machine

CNC Punching

Smart Vietnam also relies on the TruPunch 1000, a compact and versatile punching machine designed to deliver high-quality, efficient production. With a maximum sheet thickness of 6.4 mm, a maximum punching force of 165 kN, and a maximum workpiece weight of 150 kg, this machine is capable of handling various punching needs. Equipped with Trumpf's TruTops Punch programming system, it enables seamless, efficient operations with its user-friendly interface. The machine's skeleton-free processing capability and smart punch monitoring system ensure material-friendly and consistent quality production. 

Machine Type

TruPunch 1000

Working Area

2500 x 1250 mm

Maximum Sheet Thickness

6.4 mm

Maximum Punching Force

160 kN


CNC Punching TruPunch 1000

CNC Bending

The TruBend 1100 (B41), the TruBend 3100 and TruBend 5085 CNC bending machines are also indispensable for Smart Vietnam's manufacturing process. The TruBend 1100 (B41) is a press brake with 1000 kN tonnage, 3100 mm bending length, 575 mm side frame distance, 400 mm throat depth, and 410 mm ram stroke, making it versatile for various bending tasks. The TruBend 3100 boasts a compact design while delivering a press force of 110 tons and accommodating a bending length of 114 inch. With a 2-axis backgauge as standard and the flexibility to upgrade to a 4- or 5-axis backgauge, this machine offers the precision required to bend even the most intricate part geometries. The Trumpf TruBend 5085 is a cutting-edge hydraulic press designed for bending metal sheets with optimal precision. With the help of the ACB laser, the machine can measure and adjust bending angles with pinpoint accuracy. Impressively, it takes just 12 seconds to process a single part, and the work area is equipped with indicators and cameras to display the bending process on a screen, enabling operators to insert parts correctly. In addition to its advanced hardware, the TruBend 5085 also features updated software that allows for even better adjustment of the bending process. Using the touch screen monitor, operators can create a 3D model of the production process and make adjustments to the bending operations in real-time. This 3D modeling capability has revolutionized metalware manufacturing, making it more precise and comfortable than ever before. These machines can accurately bend and shape metal components to the desired specifications, ensuring that each component meets the strict standards of quality and precision that Smart Vietnam demands.


Machine Type

TruBend 1100

TruBend 3100

TruBend 5085 (B23)

Press Force

1000 kN

1200 kN

850 kN

Bending Length

3100 mm

3110 mm

2210 mm

Stroke Length

575 mm

600 mm

800 mm

Open Height

400 mm

347 mm

385 mm

Throat Depth

410 mm

420 mm

420 mm


CNC Bending TruBend 1100 (B41)

CNC Bending TruBend 3100

CNC Bending TruBend 5085

CNC Bending TruBend 5085

At Smart Vietnam, we have our diverse range of versatile machines that correspond to each of our fabrication services. 

LSP-L800 deburring machine

LSP-L800 deburring machine


Max processing width


Processing thickness


Minimum processing size

 50×50mm ( Vacuum adsorption )

Feeding speed


General power

 Around 25.6KW (including vacuum adsorption and without dust collector)

Sand belt size

 1910mm×800 mm

Machine general size


Sand brush size


Worktable height


Noise level


Dust collecting efficiency


Dust collector air volume

 4000 M3/hour

Control system

 Mitsubishi PLC CNC, 10 inch Weiluntong touch screen



Rangle range


Processing and grinding consumables

 All kinds of abrasive belts and abrasive sanding brushes

Jasic LS-20000 fiber laser welding machine


 Jasic LS-20000 

 Power Supply


 Laser Beam Width

0 – 6mm

 Laser Wavelength

1080 ± 10nm

 Power Output


 Fiber Optic Cable Length

12m (Water-cooled)

 Protective Gas


 Gas Pressure

 Welding > 3bar, Cutting > 4-7bar

 Total Power Consumption


 Optical-to-Electrical Conversion Efficiency


 Base Material Thickness Range


 Weld Gap Width

 ≥ 1mm

Operating Temperature

-10℃ - 40℃





Spot Welder - 35 KVA

 Input Voltage (V)

 1 Phase - 220v | 2 Phases - 380V

 Frequency (Hz)


 Capacity (KVA)


 Thickness Flat (mm)


 Diameter (mm)


 Duty Cycle (%)


 Weight (Kg)


 Dimension (Cm)


 Dimensions of Throat Depth (mm)


 Height from Ground To Welding Point (mm)





 Water + Fan

Manual Welding - MIG and TIG welder for sheet metal fabrication

MIG and TIG welder

Welding Robot  Efficiently tackle large-scale fabrication projects

Fastener Installation Machine

Metal Stamping Machine 60T-110T-150T

CNC Tube Bending Machine SB-38CNC-3A-1S


By utilizing advanced manufacturing technologies and state-of-the-art machinery, Smart Vietnam has established itself as a leading provider of high-quality, precision-manufactured sheet metal parts. These cutting-edge pieces of equipment, combined with Smart Vietnam's expertise and commitment to excellence, have enabled us to meet the demands of a variety of industries and establish a reputation for delivering exceptional quality and value to our customers.


Smart Vietnam, a leading provider of precision sheet metal products, recognizes the importance of quality and has implemented a range of quality control measures to ensure that its products and services are of the highest quality and reliability.