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Smart Vietnam - The Ultimate Choice for Safe, Reliable Shipping and Packaging of Sheet Metal Fabricated Parts

There are many steps involved in any manufacturing project, from submitting a quote request to receiving finished parts or products at your facility. We’ve already provided our best advice regarding the quoting stage to get your project off the ground. Now, we will shift the focus to the final stage of a project, which involves packaging and shipping.

1. How To Choose The Right Packing Method?

Prior to issuing a purchase order, customers will consider various factors such as the intended use of the product, the industry, the end-user, and the destination. The best packaging method for sheet metal fabricated parts involves selecting a packaging design that effectively protects the fabricated parts during transportation and storage. The packaging method should consider the size, weight, and shape of the parts, as well as the mode of transportation and potential environmental hazards encountered during shipping. The packaging materials should be robust enough to prevent damage from impact, vibration, moisture, and other external factors. Proper labeling should also be included to ensure safe and efficient handling of the package. Ultimately, the best packaging method is one that ensures the safe delivery of the fabricated parts to their destination in the desired condition and at a reasonable cost.

As you can imagine, packaging and shipping requirements and preferences vary quite considerably from project to project. Upon completion of the fabrication process, we always think of the specific preferences of the customer's receiving department regarding the method of receiving the finished products from our facility. In our relentless pursuit of 100% customer satisfaction, we enthusiastically encourage customers to share their packaging and shipping preferences with us at the time of requesting a quote or, at the very least, when placing an order.

2. How To Calculate Preliminary Logistic Costs?

At Smart Vietnam, we can help you calculate preliminary logistics costs once you have determined the best shipping option for your product. 

When calculating shipping costs from the factory to the distribution warehouse (3PL), it's important to consider the loadability of the container you plan to use for ocean shipment. The typical sizes for containers are 20 feet standard, 40 feet standard, or 40 feet high cube. If no ocean shipment is required, you should consider truck load charges for FCL (Full Container Load). For door-to-door shipping costs, we recommend requesting a quote from at least three forwarders to ensure you get the best possible rate.

When calculating shipping costs from the distribution center (3PL) to the end user, we recommend checking with FedEx, UPS, DHL, or the Post Office to set up a corporate account and negotiate favorable rates for your business. These express companies charge based on three factors: weight, size, or a combination of both. 

When calculating shipping costs from the distribution center to the shop/dealer/retailer, we recommend checking rates with freight trucking companies that specialize in either LCL (Less than a Truck Load) or FCL (Full Truck Load) depending on your situation. We ensure to help you find the most cost-effective shipping option for your specific needs.

3. How To Engineer The Right Packaging?

Only once you’ve confirmed your best option for product logistics do you move into package design and engineering. At Smart Vietnam, we offer comprehensive services for engineering the right packaging solutions for our customers. 

Smart Vietnam starts by thoroughly understanding your product, including its size, weight, fragility, and any specific handling or transportation requirements. This analysis forms the foundation for designing the most suitable packaging. We work closely with you to ensure that your unique needs and preferences are taken into account throughout the packaging engineering process. We value your input and work together to achieve the best results.

Our experienced packaging engineers design custom packaging that meets the specific requirements of the product and the chosen packaging type. We focus on ensuring that the product remains secure and stable inside the packaging, while also considering efficient palletization and loading for transport. Our team plans how the products will be palletized and loaded inside containers or trucks. We take into consideration container door height limitations to optimize space utilization and design packaging that is easy to handle, load, and unload using forklifts.

Smart Vietnam understands the importance of cost-effectiveness in packaging design, thereby conducting thorough validations of container loadability, logistic costs, and packing costs to ensure that the packaging design is both functional and economically viable. To guarantee the integrity of your products during transit, we conduct rigorous testing of the packaging. Working closely with freight forwarders or carriers, we perform drop tests to verify that the packaging can withstand the demands of the logistic journey, preventing any damage to the product.

4. How To Choose The Right Packing Material?

At our sheet metal fabrication facility, we always prioritize the most cost-effective and appropriate packing methods for exporting our products. To ensure the safe delivery of our products, we utilize a variety of packaging materials, including bubble plastic bags for surface protection, zip-lock bags for smaller products, and cardboard boxes of varying strength based on product weight. For heavy cargo, we use fumigation or three-plywood wooden cases, while wooden pallets are chosen based on specific requirements and can be either fumigation or plywood.

5. How To Choose A Reliable Forwarder?

Having a reliable forwarder is crucial for smooth and efficient delivery of goods. Many customers have long-standing relationships with their preferred forwarders. If the customer has designated a forwarder, they will coordinate with us for delivery. However, for customers without a designated forwarder, we provide suggestions on selecting the right one. We have extensive experience working with both Vietnamese and international freight forwarders. We possess professional expertise in export declaration, customs clearance, and familiarity with destination country regulations. We offer multiple shipping options based on our customer’s delivery time requirements. Whether it’s ocean, air, or land transportation, we select the most cost-effective shipping method for our customers.

Smart Vietnam has significant experience in export packing, loading, and shipping. If you have any questions regarding packing and shipping, we can provide optimal solutions to meet your needs. At Smart Vietnam, we have never experienced complaints about packaging and shipping issues. Contact us today to discuss your packaging needs and how we can assist you. 


Smart Vietnam, a leading provider of precision sheet metal products, recognizes the importance of quality and has implemented a range of quality control measures to ensure that its products and services are of the highest quality and reliability.