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Smart Vietnam offers a CNC punching service for sheet metal, providing a cost-effective and precise forming solution. The company is equipped with modern CNC punching machines from Trumpf, capable of punching materials with a thickness of up to 5mm and sheet sizes up to 2.5 meters x 1.3 meters. These machines can perforate various materials including stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, and copper.

CNC punching is a faster and more cost-effective solution compared to laser cutting, with fast processing speeds and lower operating costs. The precision and accuracy of the punching process ensure a high-quality final product, making it a suitable option for a variety of applications.

The use of advanced CNC punching technology at Smart Vietnam allows for a high degree of flexibility and customization, with the ability to produce intricate designs and patterns. The company's experienced professionals ensure that the punching process is completed efficiently and effectively, reducing downtime and increasing production speed.

Smart Vietnam's CNC punching service provides a cost-effective and precise solution for sheet metal forming. With modern technology and experienced professionals, the company can deliver high-quality products with speed and efficiency.