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Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Supplier

Smart Vietnam specializes in complete Product and SubAssembly contract manufacturing of our customer’s products by combining our comprehensive in-house manufacturing capabilities.

We can take a product from design through completion with little or no outsourcing of parts and services; a factor that gives Smart Vietnam a distinct quality and delivery advantage over our competition.

High technologies and advanced tools allow us to complete all aspects of operations in-house, from precision sheet metal fabrication to assembly and delivery services. It is the type of attention to detail that add value at every step of the process and give our customers confidence in our ability to deliver projects to their exact specifications.

We offer Grade A and Grade B in sheet metal fabrication, these two grades require a tight tolerance and high levels of QC control in all manufacturing procedures.

Our experienced provides top services for a broad range of discerning industries:

* Energy

* Electrical

* Electronics

* Manufacturing machines

* Telecommunications

* Industrial Factory

* HVAC Equipment

* Lighting Solutions

* Kiosk & Vending

* Defense/Military

* Scientific & Medical

* Food Processing

* Security

* AV mounting solutions

* Custom projects

Smart Vietnam – your precision sheet metal fabrication partner


Smart Vietnam has extensive experience in processing sheet metal products for the telecommunications industry. With state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, a team of highly skilled engineers, and a commitment to quality, Smart Vietnam is well-equipped to meet the demanding technical and quality ...


Smart Vietnam is committed to meeting the strict quality requirements of the defense engineering sector in supplying precision sheet metal fabrications. We provide reputable contractors with metal fabrications and sub-assemblies for various military vehicles, military components, and military systems. Our company ...