Smart Sheet Metalwork works with some of the biggest companies in the furniture manufacturing industry.


Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Supplier

Smart manufactures metal components ranging from frames and rods to fully painted and assembled fabrications such as chairs, benches, tables and shelves system. Finished metal fabrications manufactured by Smart can be found in furniture from corporate offices, high street shops, and schools complexes


Fabricated Metal Brackets And Complex Structures

The manufacture of office, shops or schools such as tables, chairs and cabinets makes use of Smart's advanced cutting laser and bending facilities allowing complex structures to be fabricated with minimal welding. The results are quicker, cheaper, stronger and higher quality fabrications.

Smart - the precision sheet metal fabrication company


Smart Sheet Metalwork supplies metal components and fabrications to companies in communication industries.


Smart Sheet Metalwork adhears to the strict quality requirements of the defence engineering sector in supplying precision sheet metal fabrications.