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Sheet metal bending processing methods are widely used in many different fields. Let's learn about bending machining services operated by modern CNC machines at Smart Sheet Metal through the article below.

Current sheet metal bending techniques

Sheet metal bending processing is a method of using a CNC bending machine system to deform the metal sheet according to the bend or bend it into an angle with different degrees of folding as required.

Currently, there are 4 common sheet metal folding techniques:

  • Air bending technique: the bending knife presses the workpiece into the mold but the workpiece does not come into contact with the die. When the press is pressed down, the metal is bent and angled. The deeper the hammer presses down, the sharper the angle created on the metal plate
  • Forming Bending technique (Bottoming): the bending knife will press the workpiece into the mold, and at the same time, the metal sheet will be in direct contact with the bending die. With this technique, the knife and the die need to be designed to match each other exactly, so that the bending angle of the product is shaped stably, eliminating the possibility of reverse elasticity of the bending angle.

  • Edge bending technique (bending edges, metal edges): is applied in the production of products with complete folding such as cabinets, iron boxes. First, need to fold the metal billet to an angle of 30 degrees, then put the metal sheet into the flat knife press to press down. The edge will be fully pressed into the metal to increase the hardness to help protect the durability of the details.
  • Rolling technique (rolling corrugated iron, continuous bending): for product lines with continuous C-shaped bending. This is a new bending technology, designed to bend thin to extremely thin metal sheets. Bending blades are installed both above and below. During the bending process, the metal face moves up and down or elliptical forming successive C-curves. This form has fast operation speed and is flexible for even small quantity orders.


Each technique will apply to specific products. Based on the requirements of the product and the customer, the technician will choose the appropriate method to fully ensure the quality and price criteria.

Reasons why the Smart Sheet Metal company is a trustworthy place for you

Modern bending machine system

Currently, all-metal folding activities taking place at Smart are carried out by CNC machinery system, which improves product quality by 80% compared to before. Smart Sheet Metal is proud to be a reputable unit in the field of sheet metal bending services 

The enterprise invests in a system of extremely spacious factory area up to 7200m2, along with a system of high-tech CNC bending machines (TruBend 3100, TruBend 5085), which are 100% imported from Germany. Therefore, Smart always ensures to fully meet customers' needs in terms of product format and bending processing according to the best quality requirements.


The use of CNC machinery system in bending sheet metal processing not only creates a large volume of products, saves time quickly, but also ensures higher accuracy than other bending methods, reduce processing costs, reduce product costs

Scientific production process at Smart Sheet Metal

To create a reputable bending service, enterprises must have a scientific and reasonable production process. Normally, the order processing process will include the following steps:

  • Receive customer requirements, find out and come up with a suitable processing plan
  • Study the drawings and select the appropriate type of machine as well as the suitable folding bending mold
  • Selection of workpiece materials as required
  • Perform metal folding according to the predefined plan
  • Check finished products and hand over to customers

Design and operation engineer team.

Sheet metal bending is done semi-automatically, so the personnel element will be responsible for product quality in parallel. Understanding this, the staff at Smart Sheet Metal are always carefully recruited and trained in professional competence. They are all skilled and experienced personnel who can handle all situations well

Optimizing the cost of sheet metal folding services

The cost of bending machining services will depend on many factors. Some factors affect the price, for example:

  • Characteristics of the workpiece metal to be processed

  • Number of products to be processed

  • Evaluate the difficulty level of the finished product

  • What technology and machinery are applied in the process?

Understanding customers' worries, Smart Sheet Metal always aims at the lowest negotiated price, after consulting and negotiating prices with customers.


Combining all the above advantages, Smart Vietnam is definitely the leading prestigious choice in metal sheet bending. In addition, we also provide other services such as CNC punching, CNC stamping, laser cutting, welding and coating, precision mechanical processing....


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