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With years of experience in sheet metal fabrication, Smart Viet Nam always meets every specific demand of customers. We ensure that the highest quality products are delivered to our customers.


"Smart Viet Nam always strives to become a trusted partner providing optimal custom-made sheet metal solutions"

Smart Viet Nam's strategic vision is to continuously pursue stable and sustainable development, thereby making Smart Viet Nam one of the leading companies in Vietnam in the field of precision sheet metal fabrication. Smart Viet Nam always aims to develop efficient and creative sheet metal solutions for sheet metal products to meet the needs of customers.



“Smart Viet Nam is always driven to delight our customers with precise sheet metal products that meet their needs and expectations”. 

With this sense of mission, Smart Viet Nam is constantly upgrading our technology, optimizing costs, and enhancing our production capacity to meet the challenge of any custom sheet metal fabrication work. 

Besides, at Smart Viet Nam, we subscribe to the need for a balance between the production and the environment. That is why Smart Viet Nam brings a combination of leading edge technologies with practical management experience to develop tailored eco-friendly precision sheet metal solutions. 



“Prestige - Human resource - Quality - Innovation & Development”

At Smart Viet Nam,

  • Prestige is our priority. Smart Viet Nam always strives to build close business relationships with our customers and partners based on integrity and reliability.

  • Human resource is our greatest asset. At Smart Viet Nam, we create a dynamic and positive working environment that promotes self-development.

  • Smart Viet Nam is committed to providing high-precision sheet metal products and a variety of sheet metal fabrication services, ensuring quality throughout the production process.

  • Innovation and development are our inspiration. By approaching problems in a flexible and creative way, Smart Viet Nam is committed to maximizing the benefits of precise sheet metal products and sheet metal fabrication services, creating more value for our customers. Our extensive industry experience keeps our catalog of sheet metal products continually evolving.



Smart Vietnam stands at the forefront of the sheet metal manufacturing industry in Vietnam, driven by our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional quality and precision products to even the most discerning markets worldwide. Our reach extends to esteemed destinations like America, ...