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Smart Sheet Metalwork supplies metal components and fabrications to companies in communication industries.

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Supplier

With the full range of Sheet Metalworks’ equipments, we can provide diversity of metalwork communication products which varies from small size to large size such as handheld devices, rack cabinets, consoles and server covers.

Telecommunications Enclosures

The experiences of working together with leading companies in telecommunication industries enables us to meet any of the most strict quality standards from customers.

Smart - The leading precision sheet metal fabrication company


Smart Sheet Metalwork adhears to the strict quality requirements of the defence engineering sector in supplying precision sheet metal fabrications. Smart supplies reputable contractors with metal fabrications and sub-assemblies for various military vehicles, military components and military systems. Smart has a full ...


Smart Sheet Metalwork supplies metal products and components from simple to complex units such as sheet metal brackets, shelves or complete shelving systems up to various customers’ requirements.