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Smart Vietnam at Hanoi Major Industrial Products Exhibition 2023

From October 19th to October 21st, 2023, Smart Vietnam actively participated in the Hanoi Major Industrial Products Exhibition (Hanoi MIP 2023).

Leveraging its extensive expertise in the manufacture of sheet metal products, Smart Vietnam has established a strong reputation and successfully exported its offerings to prominent markets across Europe, the United States, Canada, and various Asian countries.

The Hanoi Major Industrial Products Exhibition, held at the esteemed National Architectural Planning & Construction Exhibition, spanned three days and served as an authoritative platform for showcasing the foremost industrial products originating from Hanoi. Over time, this event has evolved into an annual fair of great significance within the major industrial sector.

At the Hanoi Major Industrial Products Exhibition, which opens on October 19th.

The Hanoi MIP 2023 event drew attention with the presence of prominent names in the field of economy. The list of VIP guests in attendance includes Mr. Hirata Isao - First Secretary in charge of Economic Affairs, Embassy of Japan in Vietnam; Mr. Yoneda Kazuhiro - Chief Advisor of the JICA-VJCC project; Mr. Toda Chosaku - Expert and Lecturer at Keieijuku; Mr. Hirata Yasuhiro - JICA Expert and Lecturer at Keieijuku; Mr. Nishikawa Naotaka - Senior Advisor for Project Formation, JICA Vietnam Office; Ms. Keiko Sato - Head Advisor Group, Asian Development Bank (ADB); Former Director in charge of Investment Project Portfolio at the World Bank in Vietnam; Mr. Kemotsu Hideki - JICA Expert, Business Networking/Project Management; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Hien - Director of VJCC Institute; and Ms. Tran Thi Kieu Minh - Deputy Director of VJCC Institute.

The attendance of these VIP guests aroused special interest in the event. The participation and knowledge sharing of the industry's top experts was significant and at the same time created an opportunity to explore possibilities for relationship building, information exchange, and cooperation in the economic and development fields.

The VIP guests who participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony to inaugurate the exhibition

The presence of these VIP guests generated special interest in the event. The participation and knowledge sharing from top experts in the industry have significant importance, while also creating opportunities for building relationships, exchanging information, and seeking collaboration prospects in the field of economy.

This prestigious exhibition attracted more than 200 booths representing key industrial enterprises in Hanoi, including established domestic companies, foreign corporations, and entities engaged in foreign direct investment (FDI). The participants diligently presented their high-caliber industrial products, characterized by their utilization of cutting-edge technology and adherence to environmentally sustainable practices. These offerings effectively serve as viable alternatives to imported goods, catering to diverse industries encompassing electricity, electronics, automotive, mechanical engineering, and industrial processing, among others.

Smart Vietnam's booth at the Hanoi Major Industrial Products Exhibition

Smart Vietnam's presence at the fair facilitated invaluable opportunities for fostering meaningful connections with partners, customers, and industry peers. The company's active involvement not only bolstered its brand recognition but also enabled the exploration of novel avenues for collaboration, expansion of its business network, and access to emerging markets.

During the event, Smart Vietnam proactively disseminated its knowledge of advanced manufacturing technologies, state-of-the-art machinery, and equipment that drive production modernization, enhance labor productivity, elevate product quality, and bolster overall competitiveness. Notably, the company showcased its exceptional assortment of sheet metal products, encompassing solar energy cabinet enclosures, telecommunications cabinet enclosures, electrical cabinet enclosures, and covers for coffee machines.

The products Smart Vietnam showcases at the exhibition

Significantly, Smart Vietnam actively engaged with other exhibitors and industry experts, facilitating the exchange of insights and best practices. This invaluable interaction not only contributed to the enhancement of the company's competitive edge but also ensured its alignment with emerging trends prevalent within the dynamic realm of sheet metal manufacturing.

Visitors to the Smart Vietnam booth have the opportunity to explore and experience innovative manufacturing solutions 

By virtue of its participation in the Hanoi Major Industrial Products Exhibition (Hanoi MIP 2023), Smart Vietnam successfully broadened its vision, established fruitful relationships, showcased its product portfolio, and seized promising cooperation and development opportunities within the pivotal industrial sectors of Vietnam and international markets alike.

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