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Application of sheet metal processing in precision mechanics at Smart Sheet Metal

Currently, sheet metal processing demand has been absolutely increasing, especially in the period of industrialization and modernization.

Characteristics of sheet metal processing

Sheet metal processing is a method that use metal-working machines to shape the sheets metal on purpose of using. The old processing technology has not been able to meet the market requirements of highly accurate and aesthetic product ranges. Therefore, promoting the application of advanced technology in precision mechanical processing is a mandatory sellection of enterprises for sustainable development in the field of supporting industry in our country.

Applications of CNC cutting machines in sheet metal processing at Smart Sheet Metal

Understanding the market demand as well as market trends, Smart Sheet Metal takes pride to be one of the leading pioneers in innovation of sheet metal processing.

Advantages of sheet metal processing at Smart Sheet Metal

At Smart, capital investment in machines and equipment reaches $ 1,500,000 including modern machines and equipment to meet all requirement of sheet metal processing services. Therein, capacity of laser cutting machine reaches 300W

With highly-skilled engineers team who operate machines directly so if there is any problem arising in manufacturing process, they can handle it easily as well as to assure the quality of output, especially for processing large volume.

Processing on many kinds of materials such as Stainless steel, Aluminum, mild steel, plastics… Process fastly, highly-accurate that ordinary processing method like sharpening, filing could not do.

Processing on various thickness of metal sheets, processing can be done in sophisticated and complex details with high aesthetics that meet all markets demand.

Especially, use laser cutting machine in processing sheet metal that can create the products that require high difficulty and aesthetics, therefore it is very popular in daily life.


Sophisticated products in design and that are manufactured by laser cutting machines 

On the other hand, application method of sheet metal processing by CNC cutting machine which has absolute accuracy, used for processing of thickness metal sheet in mechanical engineering.

Products manufactured by CNC cutting machines

Practical application in sheet metal processing in precision mechanics at Smart Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is suitable for most manufacturing industries:

  • In the field of mechanical engineering, Smart supplies processing services like cutting the frames, parts in various shapes and sizes that comply with customers’ requirements. Smart is proud of to be the leading contractor in manufacturing machine components.
  • In automobile, Smart provides vehicle parts, accessories that can be withstands heavy load such as mudguards, hoods and doors, lightings equipment, barriers manufactured from metal sheets
  • For industrial plants, Smart specializes in providing product lines that meet the standards of quality and designs including decorative partitions, stainless steel work tables, metal cabinets for storage workshop tools, steel boxes,….that are used in industrial parks, factories. Food industry uses canned goods for export which are also produced by the method of sheet metal processing.

Applications of sheet metal fabrication

  • In the field of communications, Smart takes processing orders of sheet metal in various sizes from small sizes to large sides, which are used in manufacturing of telecommunications enclosures, assemble communication devices.
  • In the field of manufacturing of household appliances, Smart Sheet Metal increasingly assert its position in the market and has become a trusted partner in co-operating in processing sheet metal such as extractor hoods, sinks, freezers, …Products processed and finished by Smart, are present throughout the Vietnamese market like office buildings, chain-stores or schools,… For products used at the office, that are processed by using laser cutting machines and CNC bending machines that help enhance productivity of processing and reduce defect of products. 
  • In the field of military, Smart Sheet Metal is one of the rare Vietnamese companies who participates in military projects that are censored strictly. Those services provided by Smart are precision sheet metal products and assemble products used for military vehicles and systems.
  • In addition, sheet metal processing which is widely used in refrigeration technology, pharmaceutical industry, medical, and air-conditioning… in those fields need effective support from sheet metal processing.

Nowadays, sheet metal processing is increasingly being expended and widely used. Smart Viet Nam always updates the lasted technologies to meet the markets’ requirements. And in near future, Smart Viet Nam will be a leader in sheet metal processing, extension of markets, co-opearation with more and more partners in the globe.


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