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The contractor specializes in manufacturing components, production equipment

Smart Sheet Metal Processing Division develops solutions according to customer-specific requirements, in cooperation with many well-known manufacturers in the industry.
machine-building industry to create useful machines, equipment

Precision sheet metal processing partner

With a complete machinery system in sheet metal processing, Smart undertakes the processing of machinery parts in the mechanical industry, manufacturing machinery and production equipment, auxiliary to industrial engineering. automotive, refrigeration engineering, construction machinery, loading and unloading machinery, ship machinery, mechanics ...

Supplying components and precision equipment for fabricating machine industry

With the machine manufacturing industry, Smart is always a satisfying destination for leading companies to survey and order. With the experience and the strict supervision of technical management, the highly trained human resources will always meet the best quality requirements.

Smart - your precision sheet metal processing partner


Smart Sheet Metalwork supplies metal components and fabrications to companies in communication industries. With the full range of Sheet Metalworks’ equipments, we can provide diversity of metalwork communication products which varies from small size to large size such as handheld devices, rack ...


Smart Sheet Metalwork adhears to the strict quality requirements of the defence engineering sector in supplying precision sheet metal fabrications. Smart supplies reputable contractors with metal fabrications and sub-assemblies for various military vehicles, military components and military systems. Smart has a full ...