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19" 4-Post Open Frame Racks

Open Rack is manufactured by Smart Viet Nam comply with the international standards with the best quality. Smart Viet Nam provides the best solution for organizing IT equipment, save and is suitable for cable systems, network equipment which requires high mobility.


Open Rack is a cabinet network system which provides the solution for organization equipment simply and efficiently. Eliminating unnecessary parts but still ensures stability and reliability.

With the open type design that allows to operate more easily and maximize the heat capacity of devices, save, and is suitable for cable systems and network devices, the servers do not require high security.

Racks are designed especially that helps easily move, operate the rack and provide an open environment. That allows equipment to operate the most efficiently. Being the choice of data centres with the function of installating equipment and connected accessories and switching.

The advantages are quick and easy deployment, open frame racks are typically used for the application of movement systems, such as the training centre, set up new centres, the centres of conferences,…

· The design allows the equipment to be installed according to IAE-310 standards from 2 sides

· Increased stability and safety for heavy loading equipments based on the structure of 4 shelves that are mounted in the rack to provide extra support.

· If the equipment is not made for the racks of installation or not comply with 19” standards, it can be mounted the trays designed especially to hold rack.

· With the compact design, there are wheels on the legs of the rack that fit for application that requires frequent movement. Multi sizes available such as 27U, 32U, 36U, 42U, and 45U. Besides that, they are customized according to the customers’ requirements.


· Rack is designed to be open without a front door and back door. Make sure all installed equipments is heat dissipation optimally.

· Designed in a compact way, with a light weight that ensures the rack is moved easily and assembled.

· A modular-gril structure with each component which has multiple connections help the rack structure be stable but still customizes, assembles and moves.

· The device is mounted on a frame designed with many zigzang edges to increase loading capacity. Each U (Unit) is stamped and pinted with a numeral.

· On the two sides of the panels, a vertical cable management system can be mounted that helps organize and manage high-density cable efficiently and aesthetically.

· Proof and bootom are designed open fully to make sure high density cable entry.

· Screw-in stand is integrated into fixed stand and aligns the rack.


Size of rack:

· Height: from 27U to 42U.

· Width: 590mm

· Depth: 650 đến 1150 mm

 Paint color:

· Default color: grey-white (RAL 7035)

· Other optional color: Black (RAL 9005)


· SPCC cold rolled steel plate:

· The frame of rack: 2mm

· The shelf on which equipment mounted: 2.0mm

Unit size (U) according to EIA-310-E

· Height: 1U: 44.5 mm (1.75”)

· Width: 482.6mm (19”)


· On the wheel: 1200kg


· EIA-310-E (ECIA-310-E) Type A.

· DIN 41494.

· BS5954 Part 2.

· IEC 60297-1, IEC 60297-2.


Depth (mm)





ESO27- 465

ESO36- 465

ESO42- 465


ESO27- 485

ESO36- 485

ESO42- 485


ESO27- 495

ESO36- 495

ESO42- 495


ESO27- 4105

ESO36- 4105

ESO42- 4105


ESO27- 4115

ESO36- 4115

ESO42- 4115

Height (mm)