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Advanced machinery capacity:

Smart Vietnam is a leading company in the sheet metal fabrication industry with a strong focus on using modern machinery and equipment to deliver high-quality, precise, and efficient products. The company has invested more than 1,500,000 USD in modern machinery from Trumpf, Germany, including advanced machines such as the TruLaser 3030 Fiber (L49), CNC punching, CNC bending, deburring machines, spot weld machines, MIG and TIG welding machines, welding robots, and fastener installation machines.

This investment in modern machinery has allowed Smart Vietnam to achieve a high level of accuracy, efficiency, and quality in its products, making it a top choice for customers worldwide. With these advanced machines, Smart Vietnam can produce complex and customized sheet metal products with high precision and consistency. The use of advanced software also assists with design and modeling, allowing Smart Vietnam to create custom products that meet even the most complex requirements.

By investing in advanced machinery, Smart Vietnam has demonstrated its commitment to innovation and excellence in sheet metal fabrication. This investment has enabled the company to remain at the forefront of the industry and to continuously improve its processes and products, making it the smart choice for any project that requires precision sheet metal fabrication.

Machine Type/


TruLaser 3030 Fiber (L49)

Maximum Laser Power


Maximu Sheet Size

3048 x 1524 x 70 mm

Material Cutting Limits

Mild Steel

Up to 20 mm

Stainless Steel

Up to 15 mm


Up to 15 mm

TruLaser 3030 Fiber (L49)


CNC Punching

Machine Type


TruPunch 1000

Working Area

2500 x 1250 mm

Maximum Sheet Thickness

6.4 mm

Maximum Punching Force

160 kN

TruPunch 1000


CNC Bending

Machine Type/


TruBend 3100

TruBend 5085 (B23)

Press Force

1200 kN

850 kN

Bending Length

3110 mm

2210 mm

Stroke Length

600 mm

800 mm

Open Height

347 mm

385 mm


420 mm

420 mm

TruBend 3100

TruBend 5085 (B23)

LSP-L800 deburring machine

Max processing width


Processing thickness


Minimum processing size

 50×50mm ( Vacuum adsorption )

Feeding speed


General power

 Around 25.6KW (including vacuum adsorption and without dust collector)

Sand belt size

 1910mm×800 mm

Machine general size


Sand brush size


Worktable height


Noise level


Dust collecting efficiency


Dust collector air volume

 4000 M3/hour

Control system

 Mitsubishi PLC CNC, 10 inch Weiluntong touch screen



Rangle range


Processing and grinding consumables

 All kinds of abrasive belts and abrasive sanding brushes


 Input Voltage (V)

 1 Phase - 220v | 2 Phases - 380V

 Frequency (Hz)


 Capacity (KVA)


 Thickness Flat (mm)


 Diameter (mm)


 Duty Cycle (%)


 Weight (Kg)


 Dimension (Cm)


 Dimensions of Throat Depth (mm)


 Height from Ground To Welding Point (mm)





 Water + Fan

Welding & Fabrication

Manual Welding – MIG and TIG welder for sheet metal fabrication

Welding Robot Suitable for volume fabrication work

Fastener Installation Machines:

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Smart Vietnam takes quality control seriously and has implemented a comprehensive quality control system to ensure that all products meet the highest standards.